The Things Network Integration

Integrate your LoRaWAN devices into The Things Network or The Things Industries with the Datacake IoT Platform. Use our pre-built templates to integrate your sensors in minutes. Without any programming knowledge.

First 2 devices are free, no credit card required!


Easy to Set up

Bring your LoRaWAN IoT Devices from TTN to Datacake in just a few minutes.

    Works with Downlinks
    Comes with Payload Decoders
    No Programming required

LoRaWAN Device Templates

With its device library for LoRaWAN products, Datacake makes creating devices easy. Select a sensor from our library and you have a database, dashboards, and reports at your fingertips.

    Device Templates for LoRaWAN Products
    Payload Decoding on Datacake
    Includes Dashboards and Database
    Data Storage with multiple Data Retention Levels

IoT Operating System for your Business

With Datacake, you can start a business based on our services. We have the right tools to let you scale easily.

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White Label Package

Use our white-label package to connect your own domain to the portal. Host your own IoT platform on your own company domain. Show your customers your own platform.

    Your own Domain
    Your own Logo
    Branding also on APIs and other parts
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Multi-Tenancy and Workspaces

With Datacake, you create your own clients, which we call Workspaces, where you then invite members and devices to collaborate. Clients can also register themselves on the platform and use your devices. 

    Create Spaces for Projects or Customers
    Let Customers create separate Spaces for them
    Add Devices and Members into Spaces
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Open APIs

Datacake is a platform where data can be collected and stored, but also where data can be easily shared. Develop your own apps on our IoT ecosystem and save yourself time and money.

    MQTT Broker
    REST and GraphQL API
    Webhook Forwarding
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User Invitation and Permissions

Invite customers or employees to the platform for collaboration with your sensors. Create your own areas for sensors, projects, or customers via our workspaces. Everything is possible at the touch of a button.

    Create Workspaces
    Invite Customers or Employees per E-Mail
    Assign Rights and Roles

More Features


High-performance IoT Time-Series Database for storing millions of data points.


Send Downlinks to your devices via button or dashboard. Create your own, or use template downlinks.

Alerts and Notification

Use a no-code rule engine to create alerts and notifications via E-Mail, SMS, or Webhook.


Trigger Downlinks based on Alerts and Notifications using our rule engine.

MQTT Broker

All Sensor Data is reported in real-time over our MQTT Broker.


Combine your TTN LoRaWAN Sensors with NB-IoT or MQTT Devices.

Datacake Projects on The Things Network

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Water Level Monitoring

Monitoring of water bodies using ultrasonic LoRaWAN sensors on The Things Network and Datacake.

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Industrial Temperature Monitoring

Monitoring of industrial processes via LoRaWAN temperature sensors and other parameters. In addition to monitoring, automation of processes via downlink and Class-C operation is also possible.

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GPS Asset Tracking

Track your assets using GPS trackers and The Things Industries' LoRaWAN network. Use downlinks to control the trackers and view the route traveled on maps. 
Examples in the link.