The one and only Operating System for LoRaWAN you ever need.

Datacake is the world's first IoT platform that offers a unique combination of a Network Server with an IoT Application for Dashboarding, Alerting, Reporting, White Labelling, and much more...

Completely free for your first 5 devices!*

*We are not joking. Adding devices and gateways is totally free!

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Ready in minutes, not days

Datacake simplifies the process of connecting to a LoRaWAN network server. You can add any LoRaWAN gateway and device directly to Datacake without any hassle.

    Connect any LoRaWAN Gateway
    Add any LoRaWAN Device
    Supports Class-A and Class-C
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20,000 Gateways already on our platform

Datacake LNS is built on The Things Stack and utilizes public gateways that are available on the Packet Broker network. If you have network coverage in your area, there is no need to add any additional gateways. Simply connect any LoRaWAN device to Datacake and start using it right away. Enjoy the seamless experience!

    Powered by The Things Stack
    Utilizes Packet Broker LoRaWAN network
    Works without adding a gateway
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No Lock-In

As with conventional LNS, Datacake enables the forwarding of sensor data via webhook or MQTT streams. Connect your third-party platforms and management systems, even third-party IoT platforms.

    GraphQL and HTTP REST APIs
    Webhook and MQTT event forwarders
    Connect ERP, BMS or even third party IoT platforms
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Free Smartphone App included

Datacake offers a free smartphone app that allows for the fastest addition of LoRaWAN devices to mobile devices by scanning QR-Codes or sharing devices with the same QR-Code with others.

    iOS and Android versions available
    QR-Code sharing mechanism
    Custom dashboard designs for mobile views

World's First End-to-End IoT Platform

Datacake is the world's first and only operating system for LoRaWAN, providing everything you need for your deployments.


You can set up alerts to be sent through email, SMS, or webhook based on sensor values or other events.


Create custom CSV exports or download sensor data from any chart on dashboard or history.


Create real-time dashboards with interactive widgets using our drag-and-drop editor.

Data Storage

You can store the measurement data of your LoRaWAN devices for up to 12 months.


Send email invitations to members, create custom views for your customers, and grant specific permissions.


Create workspaces for projects or customers. Easily move or assign devices and members.

White Label

Add your logo and host Datacake on your company domain to remove branding.

Open APIs

Exchange data with third-party systems or build your own custom front-end or app using our APIs.

Our Successes

Discover how companies are using the Datacake IoT platform in their projects. Read for yourself.



Energy Management

How a clinic saves €300,000 in energy costs with Datacake.


Temperature Monitoring

How offers real-time temperature monitoring with Datacake and LoRaWAN for commercial kitchens.


Kemper GmbH

Building Management

How a medium-sized company saves 30% on heating costs with Datacake and LoRaWAN.

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