How Sacred is Using Datacake in Shaping the Future of Cannabis Cultivation with Data-driven Precision

Sacred Cannabis was able to increase profits by 10% and dramatically reduce costs by harnessing LoRaWAN IoT Sensor Technology and the Datacake IoT Platform in optimising crop management.

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About Sacred

A Passion for High Quality and Innovation

Sacred Cannabis Garden
Josh Surrat, Co-Founder of Sacred

By embracing IoT technology and harnessing the power of data, Sacred is using Datacake to transform practices in the cannabis cultivation industry. The combination of accurate sensor readings, comprehensive graphing capabilities and easy-to-use interfaces is enabling Sacred to achieve exceptionally high quality yields and improve efficiency.

A Niche for Quality

Sacred is a small Tier 1 licensed boutique cannabis farm in Port Townsend, Washington, founded in 2018 by two couples who shared a passion for delivering extraordinary quality and a desire to break free from the constraints of larger, corporate-run businesses. Josh Surrat, one of the co-founders, has extensive experience managing large cannabis farms. He saw an opportunity with an available permit, and the two families embarked on a journey to cultivate cannabis in a unique and artisanal way.

Sacred’s mission is to cater to cannabis consumers who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind their unique lineup. Sacred also conducts its own breeding and operates a research lab. By focusing on the local market in Washington State and respecting the 21+ age requirement, Sacred aims to deliver the best quality and a differentiated experience to its customers.

Family picture of the Sacred founders

Navigating a Changing Landscape

The cannabis industry in Washington state has been challenging, with rising costs of goods, shipping, and labour coupled with the relentless price pressure on cannabis products. Individual small cannabis companies have been particularly vulnerable, facing an “extinction event” as larger corporate entities begin to dominate the landscape. In this competitive environment, Sacred sought innovative solutions to achieve optimal yields while minimising unnecessary expenses.

To remain competitive, Sacred recognised the need for accurate irrigation techniques and implemented a technique called ‘Crop Steering’. This technique required real-time monitoring of critical factors such as water content, temperature and electrical conductivity (EC) levels in the growing media. Traditional precision farming sensors required expensive memberships for accessing historical data, as well as vendor lock-in and mandatory consulting calls that were not required by experienced professionals like Josh. To overcome this challenge, Sacred searched for IoT devices that could provide the necessary measurements and turned to Datacake for affordable, data-driven insights.

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From Farm to IoT Dashboard on Datacake

Josh had been experimenting with Helium hotspots for some time, so he was familiar with the IoT world. Sacred found the perfect solution by using Datacake’s powerful features for a nominal fee of just one dollar per sensor per month, giving them access to an easy-to-use dashboard that consolidates sensor data into easy-to-understand and customisable charts and graphs.

The Power of IoT with Datacake

Saving Costs, Unleashing Potential

Sacred’s decision to choose Datacake over other platforms was driven by the user-friendly onboarding process and the freedom to try out the service for free with a couple of sensors before fully committing. After watching a few YouTube tutorials, Josh felt comfortable enough to navigate through the onboarding process. The ease of adding more devices over time and the ability to create custom dashboards solidified his choice.

Dragino Sensor

Seeking the Most Accurate Tools: Dragino’s Affordable LoRaWAN Sensors

During the implementation of the solution, Sacred faced the challenge of finding IoT soil sensors that could match the same high accuracy as devices used in conventional precision farming, which cost thousands of dollars. However, they soon found a very affordable sensor from Dragino with sufficient functionality for their needs, as well as good accuracy. The search for the most accurate sensors is ongoing as more and more IoT-adapted devices become available on the market.

Empowering Small Cannabis Professionals with IoT Data

Sacred believes that the availability of high quality soil moisture and EC sensors in the IoT market, coupled with platforms such as Datacake, will further help artisan cannabis growers to better position themselves against the big corporations. By eliminating the need for expensive precision farming subscriptions and providing professionals with comprehensive, data-driven insights, the adoption of IoT-based sensors and platforms will empower growers in their decision making.

Datacake Charts

Precision and Efficiency

Sacred found Datacake’s device overview page and individual sensor graphs invaluable, allowing the team to effectively monitor and analyse critical growing parameters. Josh also liked being able to keep an eye on what’s going on in the various gardens while being on the road.

Not only has the profitability of the business increased, but day-to-day work efficiencies have also improved significantly.

Josh Surrat, Co-Owner of Sacred Cannabis

As one of the owners of Sacred, the co-founder and operator of the garden, Josh Surrat, testifies to the benefits reaped from incorporating IoT sensors and Datacake: “Not only has the profitability of the business increased, but day-to-day work efficiencies have also improved significantly. The garden crew members appreciate having access to comprehensive charts and data, enabling them to make informed decisions in real-time and witness the immediate impact of their actions.”

Enhanced Profitability and Insights

By embracing IoT technology and harnessing the power of data, Sacred and Datacake have collaborated to revolutionise cultivation practices in the cannabis industry. The combination of sensor technology, comprehensive graphing capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces has empowered Sacred to achieve exceptional yields, enhance efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge in a challenging market landscape. With Datacake as their trusted partner, Sacred continues to set new standards for quality and innovation in the cannabis industry.

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