Monitoring Solutions for extremely Low Temperatures

A customer story of how Datacake set up monitoring for a customer's liquid nitrogen refrigerated containers in just a few days using LoRaWAN Technology and Datacake Monitoring Suite.

The Results in Numbers

Project Duration

1 Week

Budget Spend

2,000.- €

Setup Time

30 Minutes

The challenge

As a manufacturer of refrigerated containers, which use liquid nitrogen to keep special and valuable goods at an absolutely low temperature, you have high demands when it comes to quality. 

The customer was looking for a monitoring system for its liquid nitrogen cooling tanks. This had to be easy to retrofit and flexible enough so that several tanks could be monitored within one area.

The monitoring should also be battery operated. Wired sensors are a no-go when it comes to monitoring many containers at the same time.

The background for monitoring is temperature monitoring. If the temperature rises, this means that the liquid nitrogen content drops. In this case, a notification system must be used, which automatically sends SMS or e-mails.

Another requirement: The containers are transported to specific locations at regular intervals. The monitoring should therefore also function across buildings.


The Components Used


Datacake LoRaWAN Gateway

The Datacake LoRaWAN Gateway is the basis for networking. It provides an infrastructure for battery-powered sensors and transmits their measured values to the Datacake platform.For easy installation, the gateway is connected to the platform via mobile radio. This means that the gateway can simply be set up at the customer's premises and does not require a specific location.


Ursalink EM500 PT100 Sensor

A standard LoRaWAN sensor is used as a readout unit for an existing PT100 sensor. This PT100 is immersed in liquid nitrogen and is specially prepared for this application. The LoRaWAN sensor is battery powered and comes with a runtime of approx. 5 years with continuous operation and reporting every five minutes. At the same time, a warning system ensures that an alarm is transmitted immediately if the measured value deviates too much, regardless of the five-minute transmission interval.


Datacake Monitoring Platform

The data then converges on the Datacake platform. Here, visualizations are set up or rules for alerting are defined. All this can be preconfigured at the manufacturer and then sent to the customer. The customer is then either invited directly or registers the device by entering a pin code and the serial number. 

Powerful IoT Platform

The central element is the Datacake IoT platform. This takes care of the digital representation of the refrigerated containers.


The measurement data from the sensors is transmitted directly to the Datacake platform via the LoRaWAN gateway, where it is stored in a high-resolution format over an extended period of time. 
A dashboard editor and a comprehensive database viewer are available to the customer for evaluation. A separate dashboard is thus created for each refrigerated container and customers have the option of viewing the development of the measured values over a long period of time. At the same time, data can be exported as Excel, CSV, or read out via REST API.
Thanks to a rule engine, individual alarm thresholds can be set up depending on the situation and assigned to different employees and customers. They then immediately receive a message via SMS or e-mail if a refrigerated container shows critical values.

White Label / OEM

Thanks to the white label package, the client was able to bind the Datacake portal to their own company domain and upload their own logo. 
At the same time, the templates for email notifications were adapted to the client's branding. Thus, the customer was able to present and market the Datacake Portal as its own solution. 


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