IoT Solutions for Digital Manufacturing

Go digital with the Datacake platform and Ready-To-Go LoRaWAN devices for your manufacturing, buildings, or offices. 


Dust Sensor

High-quality Dust Sensor for measuring Fine Dust (Particulate Matter). it has an onboard Alarm LED that shows the status of the air quality.

    Measures Particulate Matter
    PM and also A-Dust
    LED Warning Indicator

Indoor CO2 Sensor

Indoor CO2 and Room Climate Sensor. Comes with Battery and has an RGB LED that flashes red if the CO2 Concentrations are too high. Perfectly suited for rooms.

    Battery Operated
    Measures CO2 and Climate
    LED Warning Light

Noise Sensor

Measure noise pollution with this ultra-compact and battery-powered sensor. Easy installation. Measures noise level and temperature.

    Battery Operated
    Noise and Loudness
    Easy to install

Industrial I/O Module

Control industrial inputs and capture outputs. Analog signals can also be acquired. Everything in 24-volt technology and with DIN rail mounting.

    24 Volt Inputs and Outputs
    Analog Inputs
    High Load Relays

Climate Sensor

Battery operated small sensor for temperature and humidity. Comes with an external probe. Easy installation and long life of 5+ years.

    Temperature and Humidity
    Battery Operated
    External Probe

RS485 Bridge

Connect your Industrial RS485 compatible device via Modbus. Battery operated and user-configurable.

    Communicates over Modbus
    Battery Operated
    Bidirectional Communication

Tank Fill Level Sensor

Measures the fill levels of liquids inside various tanks and storages. Battery-powered with a 10+ years life-time. Standard Mounting.

    No-Contact Fill-Level Sensor
    Battery Operated 10+ Years
    Screw-In Adapter

Want to know more?

Contact us with any questions about sensors, whether you can't find the sensor you need or you want to see a live demo of the sensor.


The Gateway

Build your own IoT network with our Ready to Use WiFi and Ethernet LoRaWAN Gateway.

To use the sensors listed above, you need a corresponding gateway. With our gateway, you build your own IoT network within your manufacturing or building. Place the sensors within a radius of up to 500 meters around the gateway, depending on the building situation. Thanks to Ethernet and pre-configuration, the gateway can be put into operation immediately. No special knowledge is required.

    Ethernet or WiFi Connectivity (LTE optional)
    500+ Meters Indoor Range
    Connects hundreds of Sensors


The basis for monitoring is the Datacake IoT platform. See an overview of the functionality here.

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The platform provides you with an interactive dashboard for each device. Thanks to the QR code engine, you can even stick it as a sticker on your devices.
For a complete overview, you can create so-called global dashboards and then share them with third parties via a link, without them having to register as a user on the platform.
In parallel, there is an app that displays the respective dashboard of your device on the smartphone.

    Real-Time Interactive Device Dashboards
    Create global Dashboards for fleet overview
    Smartphone App for easy access
    QR-Code Engine
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Alerts &Notifications

NotificationsWith a web-based rule engine, you can define limits for measured values and also what should happen if these are exceeded. For example, you can be informed by e-mail or SMS if the CO2 load or the fine dust content in your buildings is too high.
AutomationAt the same time, you can use the rule engine to control devices. This way you can realize automation scenarios relatively easily.

    Send SMS and E-Mail Alerts to your Employees
    Trigger Functions on Devices
    Call Webhooks for Third-Party Integrations
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Historical Data and Reporting Engine

With our reporting engine, you can define sensors and time periods, which are then exported in a recurring export as a CSV file and optionally sent to email recipients. For example, you can specify that all data is exported once a day or every week.
At the same time, there is the option that you can view the historical data of a device in an Interactive Overview. There you can also export the data directly via Excel.

    View historical data of your sensors
    Export data to CSV or Excel
    Create regular CSV-File exports


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