Managed MQTT for IoT Devices

Deploy your own MQTT broker for your IoT devices. Installable with just the push of a button. Highly scalable based on a modern cloud architecture.

    One-Click Setup
    Payload Decoder for incoming MQTT data
    Works with any payload (JSON, Binary)
    Downlink Encoders for sending Messages to your Devices

About MQTT on Datacake

Read what was the idea behind a Managed MQTT Broker for Datacake

The Story

The Datacake platform provides flexible integration for MQTT devices, where payload decoders and downlinks can be used to exchange data and commands between platform and device. 
For this to work, you usually need a broker. Often customers lack a broker and misuse our internal broker, which is fixed in its structure and often cannot be adapted to an equally fixed structure of the NB-IoT devices. This can be remedied by an optional Managed MQTT Service, which installs an MQTT Broker on a dedicated server and provides it via load balancer and firewall in the Datacake Cluster. 


Takes less than 5 Minute

Creating and setting up Managed MQTT Broker for your Workspace takes just a few clicks.


Click to Create a Broker

This will be automatically added to your existing Datacake Workspace.


Connect Devices

Using Authentication and Users you can connect your external IoT Devices.


Add Device to Datacake

Using API Devices you can add your external IoT Device over Managed MQTT.

Not just another MQTT Broker

The Managed MQTT Broker integrated natively with Devices on the Datacake IoT Platform. Your Devices can use the power of Payload Decoders for MQTT, Downlinks, and many other features making it the very best Broker for MQTT out there.

Payload Decoders

MQTT Uplink Decoders based on Javascript decode your incoming data, no matter what type or topic structure.

Inspired by the concept of LoRaWAN payload decoders, you can write short code snippets that will be executed on a received message that you have subscribed to.


Send Downlinks

Use Javascript Snippets to define custom Downlink Action that triggers an MQTT Publish to a Device.

What's included?

Data Storage

Every Device on Datacake has a Data Storage and Database Viewer.

Artboard 13

Dashboard Editor

Create Real-Time Dashboards and global overviews by drag and drop editor.

User Management

Invite your Users into Tenants by entering an E-Mail Address


Dynamically define the rights and roles of the members of your tenants.

Alerts and Notifications

Using IFTTT-Style Rule Engine you can define Actions and Triggers.

Reporting Engine

Export CSV-Files on a periodical basis for reports and data export.

And many more

The Datacake IoT Platform offers much more. See an overview of the full features.


Managed MQTT Broker


per Month (excl. VAT)

Your own BrokerUp to 1,000 DevicesRuns on your own SubdomainDatacake Device IntegrationsHighly ScalableCancel at anytime