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See Datacake in Action

If you want to see Datacake in Action we host many Videos, Tutorials and How-Tos, on our YouTube-Channel. Here are a few examples.

How to start a White Label Site on Datacake

Connecting Devices to Datacake using MQTT

Dashboard Designer and Mobile Layouts

Trigger LoRaWAN Downlinks with Rules

What's included?

Dashboard Editor

WYSIWYG Drag and Drop Editor and Widgets. Create public Dashboards.

Data Storage

High Resolution Time-Series Data Storage with APIs and Export

User Management

Invite unlimited Users via E-Mail and set permissions dynamically.


Send SMS and E-Mail Alerts and set up custom alerts with Rule Engine.

Device Templates

Many Ready-To-Start Device Templates for various LoRaWAN Devices.

MQTT Broker

Public MQTT Broker that you can use to subscribe or publish real-time Messages.


Open HTTP API and End-Points + GraphQL API to read and record data.

Our Projects


Product Development

Helping a Customer to build the future of Digital Gas Supply

See how we helped a leading manufacturer of central gas supply systems to digitize its products in just a few minutes with the help of our IoT Gateway.


Customer Installation

Monitoring Temperatures for a Better Climate

Read how we digitally monitor a customer's production via LoRaWAN for process parameters and increase their production.


Hardware Development

Custom Hardware Development

Our in-house developed hardware and its functions represent our hardware development capabilities. Read more about the hardware and its functions.

The IoT Platform for your Business

Datacake lets you create a business upon our services. We have the right tools to let you scale easily.

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White Label / OEM

Bind Datacake to your own domain and upload your own look and feel. Make Datacake the IoT solution for your business and your customers.

    Your Logo everywhere
    Connect your URL
    Custom Login
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Create your own clients and invite clients, employees, or others via e-mail. Devices can be shared between clients or assigned individually. 

    Unlimited Tenants
    Invite Persons via E-Mail
    Assign Rights and Roles dynamically
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Open APIs

Use the Datacake backend via our various interfaces and connect your own frontend to Datacake. You can benefit from a scalable backend for your company.

    MQTT Broker
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User Invitation and Permissions

Invite Guests, Employees, and Customers into your workspace by simply entering an e-mail address. Before you send an invitation you can set the rights and roles of the invited users.

    Invite via E-Mail
    User Management
    Set Rights and Roles

One Platform for LoRaWAN®

Datacake delivers out of the box support for Devices, Gateways, and LoRaWAN® Networks.


    Device Templates
    Gateway Monitoring
    De- and Encoders on Datacake
    Supports TTN, TTI, Wanesy, Loriot, KPN and ChirpStack

Industrial IoT Gateway

Connect your industrial I/Os or Sensors and bring them on Datacake in under ten minutes with our cellular-based industrial IoT Gateway.

    LTE Connectivity
    No programming required
    20x IOs of which analog, digital or relays
350,- €(excl. VAT)

These companies are already working with Datacake

When will you?

Starting on Datacake is risk-free.

Your first 2 Devices are free

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