Datacake Low-Code IoT Platform

Create IoT applications in minutes on the Datacake low code platform without programming. 

Your first 2 Devices are always free


Dashboard Editor

Create beautiful Dashboards with our no-code and easy-to-use Dashboard Editor.

    Drag & Drop Widgets on grid-based Designer
    Set Configuration using an easy Web-Interface
    No Programming or any other skills needed

Create Public Dashboards

Create Dashboards and share them using a simple link that everyone can access without the need to register on Datacake.

    Make Dashboard public
    No Datacake account for access needed
    Embed on Websites and share via E-Mail

Asset Tracking

Send GPS Data to Datacake and use Widgets and Historical Data to track your device's positions. 

    Track Positions
    Historical Data
    Custom Widgets

The very first LoRaWAN IoT Platform

Datacake deeply integrates with LoRaWAN Devices and Networks.

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Templates for LoRaWAN Devices

Datacake offers templates for your LoRaWAN devices. If you add a new LoRa device, all you have to do is enter a DevEUI. Afterwards the device with dashboard and payload decoder as well as uplinks is created on the platform. No programming is necessary. In a few minutes you will see the measured values on the Datacake Dashboard.

    No Programming required - Add device using DevEUI
    Ready-made Dashboards and Database Fields
    Payload Decoder and Encoder on Datacake
    Supports Uplink and Downlinks
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Write your Payload De-/Encoders on Datacake

In order to support multiple LoRaWAN network servers and many devices, Datacake has a dedicated section where payload decoders can be stored. These also have access to metadata of the gateways. For the connection of LNS and Datacake, a webhook is required. 

    Write Payload Decoders and Downlink Encoders on Datacake
    Access to Gateway Metadata like RSSI, Location
    Tools to Test Development of Payload Decoders
    Create Device Integrations and Turn them into a global preset

Set and Control all your Devices

In addition to decoding payload, Datacake also supports writing Downlink Encoders and creates a special Front-End for them. You can also combine those with Fields in the Datacake Database of your Device and create a Dashboard using Input-Widgets like Sliders, Knobs, or Buttons. 

    Write custom Downlink Encoders
    Combine them with Database Fields and send Downlinks on Changes
    Build Custom UI Interfaces with Dashboard Editor
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Works with all LoRaWAN Network Sever

Datacake offers integration for all known LoRaWAN network servers. To connect them you have to set up a so-called webhook on the server. Many already offer presets for Datacake. On customer request, we can add additional LoRaWAN network servers as support.

    TheThingsNetwork, TheThingsIndustries
    Kerlink Wanesy
    KPN Telekom

Data Storage

Datacake offers a time-series database for the collection and storage of your sensor data. Create any number of database fields per device and use functions for conversion or statistics. 

    Create Unlimited amounts of Fields for each device
    Supports Strings, Booleans, Floats, Location and more

Formula Fields

Create virtual fields and apply simple formulas to convert values or merge multiple fields into a single one.



Convert the value range of one sensor to another. Various methods are available.



Use Look-Up-Tables to convert numeric values into strings or status messages.


Consumption Counter

Special field for recording consumption. Shows absolute consumption and relative change.

User Management

By using a simple web-interface you can invite members, create Workspaces, and add Customers and share Devices.

    Invite People by E-Mail
    Assign Rights and Roles
    Create Custom API Users and Tokens

Alerting,Rule Engine

It just takes a few clicks to set a specific rule that sends alerts via SMS to members of your Workspace. 

    IFTTT-Style Rule Engine
    Create Alarms that send SMS, E-Mail or Push Notifications


Create an unlimited number of workspaces. Each can contain its own or shared devices and members.

    Unlimited Workspaces
    Share Devices and Invite Members
    Upload your own Logo

White Label

Via the web interface of the Datacake platform, you link the portal to your own domain and upload your own logo. From now on your customers will see your IoT solution. 

    Your own Domain
    Your Logo and E-Mail Branding
    Unlimited Users
    Unlimited Tenants

Open APIs

Whether you bring your own Hardware to Datacake or are looking for a way to connect Datacake to third-party services. Datacake offers multiple Interfaces to communicate with our Backend.


Public MQTT Broker + Automated MQTT Forward + Authentication


Public GraphQL API + Custom Queries + Data Input


Open REST-APIForward Data into DatacakeConnect Third-Party Services


Use Node-RED to read Data from any OPC UA Device

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