Water Level Monitoring and Flood Alerting System

Monitor water levels of flowing or standing waters with the Datacake IoT platform and be alerted to critical water levels via email or SMS. Works with LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, MQTT, or any other system.

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Realtime Dashboards

Predefined templates show you the measurement data of your level sensors on an interactive dashboard, which updates in real-time and which you can modify freely.

    All important measured values at a glance
    Real-time updating interactive Dashboards
    Fleet-Management of your Devices
    Modify to your needs
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Plug and Play

Pre-built templates and easy configuration via web interface and without programming make it very easy to get started with the Datacake solution. Select one of the different NB-IoT or LoRaWAN sensors and start collecting water levels today.

    No programming required
    Out of the Box Solutions
    Easy to use Hardware
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Fleet Management

Use our map tools to display your water level sensors on a map. Click on a sensor on the map and an interactive view will open. 

    Show Sensors on Map
    Interactive Views
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Interactive 3D Level Map Views

View the water levels of entire areas on an interactive map. See a 3D model of water levels and how they change over time.

    Show Sensors on Map
    Interactive Views
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Journaling and Reports

With the help of the Datacake platform's reporting engine, you can create automatic data exports, which you can optionally send by e-mail to any recipient. This way you can export the data of your water level sensors at regular times, fully automated and without any programming knowledge.

    Automated CSV-Exports
    No programming required
    Send recurring reports via E-Mail
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SMS and E-Mail Alerting

Set limits for critical or warning conditions and be notified of the level by SMS or email, depending on the condition.

    Individual limit and threshold values
    Multiple alerting levels
    Send SMS, E-Mail or trigger actions
    Individual receivers
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Public Dashboards

Share via link a view of a single water level sensor or even the map view. This way, people who want to view the measurement data do not have to register on the Datacake platform.

    Create and Share Dashboard via Link
    QR-Code Function for Devices
    Share Map-Views
    No registration required

Compatible IoT Devices

Our water level and level monitoring system is compatible with various sensors out of the box.


Dragino LDDS-75

DIY Sensor for Ultra-Sonic Level Detection. Flexible integration. Battery-powered.


Terabee Level XL

Rugged Industrial Level Sensor Device. Battery operated with 10 years lifetime. Multiple sensing options.


Decentlab DL-MBX

High-quality LoRaWAN Ultrasonic Level Sensor. Battery-powered, long lifetime.


Elsys ELT Ultrasonic

Small integrated ultrasonic distance and level sensor. Measures climate in addition. Battery-powered.


Milesight EM500-UDL

Long-lifetime battery-powered ultrasonic level and distance sensor. Industrial grade.


Teneo IoT Level Sensor

Super small Garbage-Can and Trash container distance and level sensor. Battery-powered.

Any many more!

If you have a Device that is not yet supported on Datacake, let us know and we help.

Data Interfaces

Forward the measurement data from your water level sensors to central control stations, SAP, or other management systems. We offer various interfaces for the exchange with other systems.

MQTT Broker

Using an internal MQTT broker, you can subscribe to the data of your Water Level Sensors.


Via a GraphQL REST API, all functions of the platform are available to you via an easy-to-use interface.

Multiple Use-Cases

Also suitable for other use cases where it is necessary to record levels, fill levels or other heights.


Water Levels in Manholes

Record water levels in gullies or other utility manholes as well.


Snow Level Monitoring

Use the same devices and features for monitoring the amount of snow in ski resorts or on mountains.


Garbage Container Monitoring

Measure the fill level of trash containers or other receptacles. 


Can be used with all LoRaWAN network servers

Datacake's integration is natively available for all major LoRaWAN network servers and can be used with downlinks from The Things Network, Helium, Loriot and ChirpStack. 

    The Things Stack V3 / The Things Network
    Kerlink Wanesy

Works on Helium

Thanks to the Helium network, we have a nationwide LoRaWAN network in almost all (major) cities worldwide. With Datacake, you use this network as Connectivity as a Service and do not need a gateway infrastructure.

    Connectivity as a Service
    No LoRaWAN gateway infrastructure required
    Secure Blockchain technology




For your first 2 Devices on Datacake

7 days data storageUnlimited usersUnlimited tenantsNo credit card required


1,- €

per device / per month

For additional devicesUnlimited usersUnlimited tenants Self-service credit card billing

Yearly 25 Devices

749,- €


Yearly PriceUp to 25 DevicesIncludes White LabelCustom Invoice

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