Air Quality Monitoring in Urban Environments

The Datacake platform is ideal for monitoring urban air quality. We supply you with the appropriate hardware and set up the monitoring. 


How it works

A part of our service is to provide and advise on the choice of hardware for measuring various parameters of urban air quality.
Our focus lies on the Internet of Things and LoRaWAN as a communication technology. By installing a central gateway, hundreds of sensors can be monitored, even if they are distributed over a range of several kilometers.
Another advantage is that these sensors are mostly battery and solar-powered. Therefore, installation on-site does not usually require any infrastructure such as electricity or networking. 

34 Dust

Particulate Matter





Particulate Matter Sensor

750,- €(excl. VAT)

Combines the measurement of fine dust and climate parameters (temperature, humidity, and air pressure). High accuracy and battery-powered with solar cells for recharging. Can be easily mounted in a suitable position in the city (pole or house wall).

    High Accuracy Particulate Matter Sensor
    Temperature + Humidity + Barometric Pressure
    LoRaWAN Connectivity (up to 2 Kilometers)
    Battery powered with Solar charging

LoRaWAN Solutions

Ideal for the use of several measuring points and as a basis for further applications.


Datacake Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway

We offer hardware and installation support for LoRaWAN Gateways and integrate them directly into the Datacake platform.

from 550,- €

(excl. VAT)

After the installation, you can start directly with the acquisition of the measurement values. At the same time, a LoRaWAN Gateway is a basis for the acquisition of hundreds of distributed sensors. No matter if climate parameters or Smart City projects. 

Compatible Sensors

Here are a few more examples that are directly compatible with the Datacake platform and are suitable for recording other urban climate parameters.


Small Climate & Weather Station

149,- €(excl. VAT)

IP67 sealed Climate Weather Station. LoRaWAN Communication and battery-powered with 5 years runtime.


Temperature + Humidity Sensor

35,- €(excl. VAT)

Cheap but powerful LoRaWAN Sensor with 5 years battery runtime. Can be deployed outsides, eg. under a rain shielding position (house wall, etc.)


CO2 Monitoring for Outdoor Environments

200,- €(excl. VAT)

IP67 CO2 Monitoring for rough and harsh environments. LoRaWAN Communication and battery-powered with 5 years runtime.

There are even more products!

The LoRaWAN Gateway is the basis for a company-wide networking via various products and sensors. Talk to us and we will be happy to inform you about further products and possibilities.

Datacake Platform

All-in-one solution for air quality monitoring applications with device management, visualization, evaluation functions and alarming via e-mail, SMS and data export via open interfaces or file.

Comprehensive Platform

See the quality of your air on individual views or live maps. Create individual views and invite employees or customers to collaborate. 

    Send Alerts via SMS and E-Mail
    Data-Logging and export
    Real-Time data-visualisation
    Data Export over REST API or MQTT

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