Convergia and Datacake Collaborate in Precision Agriculture for Avocado Crops in Caral City, Peru

Embarking on a transformative journey in Caral City, Peru, Convergia, Zeit and Datacake unite to enhance avocado agriculture through precision farming. This partnership integrates Seeed Studio SenseCAP, Libelium, and Dragino’s LoRaWAN sensors with The Things Network for real-time data transmission, which is adeptly analysed on Datacake’s cloud platform. This fusion empowers farmers with invaluable insights for optimising crop yields and sustainability.

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About Convergia

The PanAmerican Connectivity Company

Convergia is a Pan-American Value Added Distributor of Connectivity Solutions, providing value by assembling complete bespoke connected solutions from our technology partners for our market partners requirements. 
Convergia offers IoT connectivity solutions from technology partners based on Cellular, LoRaWAN, WiFI, and all wireline technologies through the Pan-American region, from Canada, USA, Mexico, Central and South America.

Empowering Agricultural Sector with Advanced Solutions

Recognizing the technology gap that existed in Peru’s agricultural sector, Convergia and its Technology and Market Partners set out to provide agricultural businesses, with advanced crop management solutions. Peru Agricultural companies have limited access to such solutions, often with manual and inefficient data collection processes hindering growth. Importantly the lack of internet connectivity in rural areas required alternative solutions.

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Unleashing Precision Agriculture with IoT and LoRaWAN

Convergia assembled precision agriculture solutions based on technology and market partner requirement for avocado fields. This ground-breaking solution provided growers with critical data to improve crop management, reduce losses due to adverse weather conditions, infectious pests, and ultimately increase return on investment.

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Convergia, Dragino, Libelium & Seeed Unite for Integrated Agribusiness Solution

The primary objective of the collaborative solution was to effectively meet the requirements of agribusinesses by implementing automated data collection and enhancing operational efficiency. Convergia joined forces with prominent technology companies, incorporating hardware, software, connectivity, and installation services. In a particular scenario focusing on avocado production in Peru, Convergia collaborated with Datacake, along with sensor providers Dragino, Libelium, and Seeed, to provide a holistic and seamlessly integrated solution.

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Streamlined Implementation and Revolutionary Crop Management

The implementation process proved surprisingly efficient, taking less time than expected. Sensors were strategically placed in the fields while the gateway was pre-configured. These sensors seamlessly communicated with the gateway, which connected to the cloud via a 4G connection. Using Datacake’s innovative dashboards, Convergia enabled visualisation and analysis of the collected data. This project was carried out by Convergia in collaboration with Datacake and their valued market partner Zeit, a software development company with extensive experience in this field.

The impact of this IoT-based system on crop management has been revolutionary. Over the three-year growing season for the avocado orchards, plantation managers remotely monitored key parameters such as humidity, temperature, conductivity and soil pH at 20-minute intervals. Sensors were strategically placed at various depths, from the surface to below the roots of the plants.

Environmental Benefits and Efficient Resource Management

The data from these sensors played a key role in optimising water resource management and fertiliser use, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of avocado farming. With the data stored on Datacake’s powerful back-end infrastructure, Convergia’s solution ensured efficient resource management and promoted sustainability in agriculture.

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Remarkable Results and Added Value

By implementing Convergia’s solution, the client was able to automate data collection and closely monitor soil moisture, pH and conductivity. The results were tangible, with improved efficiency in managing water and energy consumption leading to an estimated 30% saving in both resources. While the full impact on crop production and quality would take more time, the potential for superior crop quality and organic production through precise fertiliser application was clear. Convergia also highlighted the value of emerging computer vision solutions, such as counting and analysing the colour of blueberries to determine quality levels.

Unleashing Efficiency and Precision in Agriculture

Convergia’s successful collaboration with Datacake and its market partner, Zeit, has effectively bridged the technology gap that exists in Peru’s agricultural sector. By providing a comprehensive and integrated solution, Convergia has empowered agricultural companies and added significant value to their operations. The benefits of IoT sensor technology in precision agriculture are now undeniable, as Convergia’s solution has revolutionised crop management, promoted resource efficiency and ushered in a new era of sustainable agriculture.

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