LORIOT Verso's Collaboration with Datacake and Decentlab: Innovative Early Detection of Forest Fire Risk

By leveraging its expertise in IoT and sensor technology, LORIOT,decision-makers Verso aims to provide comprehensive, real-time environmental data to forest owners, forest managers and emergency response decision makers.

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About LORIOT Verso

It's not only the world's climate that is changing; our entire environment is subject to constant change. As humans, we are a small part of this larger whole and must constantly adapt to changing conditions. Natural disasters, such as extreme weather conditions, forest fires, or floods, present significant challenges for our society. By harnessing the latest IoT technologies and our expertise in the sector, we give the environment a voice, enabling a better understanding of natural hazards. This understanding allows us to predict and avoid these hazards, or to react quickly to minimize loss of life and reduce damages.

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LORIOT is a leading global IoT company, on a mission to enable long-range IoT solution deployments across the globe. With the introduction of the new business unit Verso, LORIOT now offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions designed to capture and convey crucial data on a variety of environmental and surrounding factors, including climate & weather, soil, air, water, light, and movements. Through Verso, LORIOT's vision of enabling climate resilience as a service comes to life, offering innovative solutions that aim to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.
Together, LORIOT and the newly formed LORIOT Verso division stand at the forefront of IoT and environmental technology, committed to making a significant impact in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

LORIOT Versos'Journey to Revolutionising Risk Surveillance

Founders with a Common Passion for Environmental Innovation

Originally founded as Ecosensors in 2021 by Gunter Schobesberger and his colleague Marcus Pichler, the company embarked on a journey driven by a long-standing friendship and a shared passion for innovative technologies. Their mission was to leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technology to address critical environmental challenges. Gunter, with his background in disaster relief and connections with the Austrian weather service, brought invaluable insight into the collection and interpretation of environmental data.
The journey of Ecosensors took a significant turn when it was acquired by LORIOT and transformed into their latest business division, LORIOT Verso. This strategic move combined Ecosensors' expertise in environmental sensing with LORIOT's global IoT infrastructure, marking a new chapter in their mission to harness technology for environmental resilience.

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Solutions for Rising Threats in an Era of Climate Change

As climate change intensifies and droughts become more common, the issue is no longer limited to countries such as southern Spain or Italy - similar conditions are emerging in other, more northern regions. Gunter highlighted the recent headline-grabbing forest fires in Canada. The effects were also felt as far away as Central Europe, where the sky was filled with smoke for several days.

Forest Fire Prevention with Data-Driven Risk Assessment

Developing Advanced Assessment Techniques

Various approaches have been proposed to deal with forest fires. One notable example from another company is the use of olfactory sensors in forests, basically detecting the smell of smoke from fires. This is also important, but early detection of hazardous conditions to prevent fires from starting in the first place seems to be even more important. LORIOT Verso decided to focus its efforts on risk assessment.

Normally, the provincial forestry directorates in Austria issue forest fire ordinances based on specific parameters. This is done in consultation between the experts and the Austrian weather service. By evaluating factors such as temperature trends, these entities must collaborate to evaluate the situation in a given region and make their decisions.

However, the existing process relies heavily on the experience and expertise of forestry experts and field staff. Ecosensors recognised the need to enhance this system by incorporating actual live data from sensors. They developed a reliable and accurate method of calculating the forest fire risk in real-time, achieving a level of precision previously unattainable.

Decentlab DL-ATM41-001 Eleven Parameter Weather Station

Partnership with Decentlab for Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology

LORIOT Verso chose sophisticated products from Swiss manufacturer Decentlab, specifically the Decentlab DL-ATM41-001 Eleven Parameter Weather Station, the Decentlab DL-TRS12-001 Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor and the Decentlab DL-SMTP-001 Soil Moisture and Temperature Profile.

As a partner of the Austrian Weather Service, LORIOT Verso specializes in maintaining high quality and performance standards. Decentlab’s high-end sensors are competitively priced, especially when compared to the cost of conventional weather stations from national weather services.

LORIOT Verso carried out thorough evaluations and comparisons, including calibration against standard weather stations provided by the Austrian weather service. These evaluations confirmed that Decentlab's sensors consistently produced highly accurate and reliable data, while the smaller size and lower cost of Decentlab's sensors made them a compelling option for Ecosensors' forest project.

Installation of gateways and sensors

Calculating the Fine Fuel Moisture Code (FFMC)

Data processing and calculation of the Fire Risk Index is performed using Node-RED - or Cake-RED as it is known as part of the Datacake platform.

By setting up weather stations equipped with Decentlab sensors at various locations, LORIOT Verso collect meteorological data, including temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and lightning activity. Using this data and applying an internationally recognized algorithm, they can calculate the forest fire index, the so-called Fine Fuel Moisture Code (FFMC), which indicates the flammability of the ground litter and other cured fine fuels on the forest floor.

Simplifying Integration and Ensuring Trust

How Datacake Empowers LORIOT Verso in Data Visualisation

Data from the sensors is received via LoRaWAN technology, a long-range, low-power wireless protocol. Ecosensors is currently using RAK gateways with a power supply and fixed internet connection in its pilot project, but sees potential for projects in remote areas where power availability may be limited, by including models that are solar powered and offer cellular or even satellite communications.

LORIOT Verso chose Datacake as their data visualization platform of choice due to several key factors. They found that Datacake offered numerous templates specifically designed for Decentlab sensors, which greatly simplified the integration process. While other visualization platforms offered similar functionality, Ecosensors found Datacake to be more user-friendly, even for non-technical users.

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Privacy and Data Security Concerns

LORIOT Verso also recognised the importance of data security and customer concerns about data storage and privacy. By using platforms within the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), they maintained a sense of consistency and trust as the data remained within the same geographical area. This approach fostered customer confidence and ensured a consistent and aligned external perception of their data management practices.

Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Scaling Up Beyond Salzburg

Throughout its projects, LORIOT Verso has overcome a variety of challenges, such as finding the optimal sensor placement in the forest, ensuring data quality, and dealing with issues such as power and communications in remote areas. During that process, the company has developed exceptional expertise and worked with reputable companies such as Decentlab and Datacake. LORIOT Verso highlights Datacake’s crucial role in implementing their forest fire risk assessment project, enabling them to effectively monitor and assess risk. With its strong foundation and proven expertise, Ecosensors is well positioned to expand its projects and make a lasting impact in the field of environmental monitoring and risk assessment.

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LORIOT Verso Sets Eyes on the Future

While their forest fire risk assessment project was initially a demo project, LORIOT Verso is in discussions with relevant stakeholders to evaluate its success and potential expansion. They have seen interest from districts and have expressed a desire to gradually develop and expand their system beyond the province of Salzburg.

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