Air Quality Monitoring for Industrial Environments

Affordable plug-and-play solutions for monitoring air quality in industrial environments with LoRaWAN, Cellular, and Datacake

Datacake Air Alert

All-In-One Sensor Device for collecting of 6 independent air quality factors.

    Dust Sensor
    CO2 + VOC Sensor
    Noise and Loudness Sensor
    Temperature + Humidity
    Monitoring Platform and Smartphone App
    WiFi and Cellular Versions available
from 575,- €(excl. VAT, incl. 2 year free cloud + cellular)

LoRaWAN Solutions

Ideal for the use of several measuring points and as a basis for further applications.


Datacake Gateway

All-in-one solution for the provision of a digital infrastructure on the entire factory grounds. 

Use battery-operated sensors for the recording of various conditions. With the Datacake LoRaWAN Gateway, you can build an infrastructure for digital sensors throughout your environment (up to 500+ meters). 

from 350,- €(excl. VAT)

Sensors for Monitoring Air Quality

The following sensors are not only compatible with the Datacake Gateway, but they are also suitable for measuring gas supply or other parameters.



180,- €(excl. VAT)

Measure Dust and Temperature.



160,- €(excl. VAT)

Measure CO2 and Temperature.


Temperature Sensor

35,- €(excl. VAT)

Measures two temperatures (internal and probe) and humidity. Battery-operated up to 5 years.


Noise and Loudness Sensor

80,- €(excl VAT)

Record and log noise pollution and have warnings sent to you. Battery-operated up to 2 years.

There are even more products!

The LoRaWAN Gateway is the basis for a company-wide networking via various products and sensors. Talk to us and we will be happy to inform you about further products and possibilities.

Datacake Platform

All-In-One monitoring solution for device management, visualization and alerting.

Comprehensive Platform

See fill levels and current conditions of your gas supply systems in one place. Create individual views and invite employees or customers to collaborate. 

    Send Alerts via SMS and E-Mail
    Data-Logging and export
    Real-Time data-visualisation

Customer Success

Read how our clients are using Datacake to enable the future of digital gas supply.

Gastech GmbH

The leading manufacturer in the field of central gas supply uses the Datacake Air Alert to monitor conditions in his clean rooms.

GasTech produces valves in a clean room. These must be absolutely free of dust. To verify this the manufacturer uses the Datacake Air Alarm to detect particles in the air. If the concentration rises unexpectedly, he is informed by SMS and e-mail.


These companies also work with Datacake

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