All-In-One IoT Solution for Tracker One

The Datacake platform has everything you need for your GPS asset tracker. Create custom dashboards, create SMS and email alerts, and invite customers or others to collaborate. All without code and set up in minutes. White label / OEM as well. 

First 2 Devices are always free. No credit card required.


Deep Integration with Particle Ecosystem

Datacake provides native integration for all products and features. You enter an access token and we import all products and devices accordingly.

    Works with Particle Products
    Batch Import Devices and Products
    Data Storage and Historical Data
    Open APIs and MQTT Broker
    Call Particle Functions

IoT Gateway + Asset Tracker has chosen the wrong name. The Tracker One is much more than just a GPS tracker.


The Perfect battery-powered Gateway for your Industrial IoT Applications

The Tracker One GPS tracker is the ultimate tool for industrial applications. No matter if you want to track objects or machines and at the same time collect values via external sensors, the Tracker One offers connectivity for external hardware thanks to the integrated M8 interface. In addition, the board of the Tracker One has a Bluetooth interface with which external Bluetooth sensors or beacons can be queried. It is the ultimate gateway for industrial IoT applications.

    2G, 3G and LTE Cellular Connectivity
    Can act as Bluetooth Gateway
    Connect external Hardware
    Integrated Battery with Sleep- and Wake-Modes
    High accuracy GPS Antenna

Comprehensive IoT Platform

The Datacake IoT platform is a solution for your use cases, which offers you everything you need for your business. Including white label at the push of a button.

    Alerts and Notifications
    User-Invite and Multi-Tenancy
    White Label

First two devices are always free. No credit card requried.

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