Soil Moisturemonitoring with Datacake

Up to 1,500 liters of water savings per sensor!Empower your agriculture and urban landscapes with real-time, data-driven decisions to promote sustainability and efficiency.


Optimize water usage and protect your green spaces with Datacake IoT Monitoring

    Alerts and Notifications: Receive instant alerts (SMS or E-Mail) when soil moisture levels deviate from optimal ranges.
    Sustainability Reports: Generate reports to track water savings and environmental impact.
    Public Dashboard Integration: Use a public dashboard to showcase the impact and progress transparently.
    User-Invitation and custom Tenants for Clients}

Create periodic Reports

With the Datacake platform, you can create periodic exports of your data, which can be sent automatically to any email address. You can choose the time of periodic execution and the time range over which the data should be exported.

    Easy to set up reporting engine for data export
    Send CSV-File Reports to your Customers
    Include Devices by applying filters

Soil Moisture Sensors

Following Sensors are supported by a starting template on Datacake

There is much more!

The products listed above represent only a small selection, which was tailored to the use case described here. Please feel free to ask us for an individual consultation.


Discover how IoT and Datacake transform cities

Our platform has already helped numerous cities optimize their irrigation processes, save resources, and significantly improve the health of their green spaces. 

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The Abergavenny Smart Town project

This project used Dragino LSE01 Soil Moisture Sensors (6) and a Multitech LoRaWAN gateway to collect data, focusing on soil moisture, temperature, and nutrient levels. 

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Transforming Tree Planting with Datacake

Every year, 5-10% of newly planted trees fail to survive their first year. However, by using the Teneo Soil Moisture Sensor to monitor soil conditions closely, we've reduced tree loss to less than 1% in the first year.



Public Dashboards

Create public dashboards to share with your customers or put them on your corporate website.

User Management

Create different users and give them individual rights. Create separate areas for your employees.

Data Export and APIs

Export the platform data as Excel or CSV file. Use our open Rest API for communication with third-party systems (ERP, CRM).

And much more

We present the Datacake platform in detail in a live demo. Please contact us or use the live chat function.

White Label Solution

79,- € per Month (excl. taxes)

White Labeling makes Datacake invisible to your customers. The strategic use of Datacake's White Label package allows you to offer a bespoke, branded experience to your clients.

Popular Functions

    Add domain of your choice
    Own logo for portal and e-mails
    Full functionality, unlimited users and workspaces

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