Industrial Loudness and Noise Level Monitoring

Monitor noise levels in industrial production halls, public buildings, or other environments with the Datacake IoT platform and get alerted to critical noise levels via email or SMS.


The Problem

Many industrial environments are noisy, and people who are in these environments need to be protected from the noise. This can be done through personal protective equipment and measures such as containing the sound. But how do you check these measures? 
It is also important that noise levels are always checked in such environments. However, spot monitoring does not make sense. Only continuous monitoring of noise levels ensures that the measures are demonstrably working. However, all these things have been costly so far.

The Solution

With the help of battery-powered LoRaWAN sensors, which can be retrofitted into industrial areas without much effort, it is possible that you can implement 24/7 monitoring of noise levels.

These sensors can be integrated into the Datacake monitoring platform via a central gateway, which sets up a special IoT network like a WLAN router.

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Realtime Dashboards

Predefined templates show you volume sensor measurement data on an interactive dashboard that updates in real-time and that you can freely modify or share with collaborators or others.

    All important measured values at a glance
    Interactive dashboards with real-time updating
    Floor Plan View
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Plug and Play

All required to install the battery-powered sensors is an adhesive strip or similar mounting, as the sensors have no other infrastructure requirements.

    No Programming Required
    Out-of-the-Box Solution
    Easy to Use
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Fleet Management

Use maps to view a fleet of noise sensors on an interactive map. Click on a sensor on the map and an interactive view opens. 

    Interaktive Floor Plans
    Show all Sensors on a Map
    See all Loudness Levels and critical Values
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Reports and Logging

Using the Datacake platform's reporting engine, you can create automatic data exports that you can optionally send by email to any recipient. This way, you can export the data from your noise sensors at regular intervals, fully automatically and without programming knowledge.

    Automated CSV-Exports
    Recurring Reports send via E-Mail
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SMS- and E-Mail-Alerts

Set critical or warning volume limits, and then receive alerts about excessive noise levels via SMS or email, depending on the condition. You can also determine which employee should receive the warnings.

    Individual limits and thresholds
    Multiple alert levels
    Send SMS, e-mail or trigger actions
    Trigger Machines, Sirens or other Hardware
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Public Dashboards

Share via link a view of a single noise sensor or even the map view. This way, people who want to view the measurement data do not have to register on the Datacake platform. This is perfect for displaying noise conditions in the building on a large monitor, so your employees are always aware.

    Create dashboard and share via link
    QR-Code Sharing Function
    Show on large TV-Screen for all employees

API and Data Export

Forward the measurement data of your noise sensors to central control stations, SAP or other management systems. We offer various interfaces for the exchange with other systems.

MQTT Broker

With an internal MQTT broker, you can subscribe to the data from your noise sensors.


Via a GraphQL REST API, all functions of the platform are available to you via an easy-to-use interface.

Versatile Applications

Also suitable for other applications where it is necessary to detect noise or loudness levels.


Industrial Noise Levels

Protect employees by continuously monitoring noise levels in industrial environments.


Noise in crowded Spaces

Monitor noise levels in public buildings or places. Log the development of the noise.


Verification of Limits

Verify and document that noise limits are being met.

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