GPS Asset Tracking on Datacake

Use LoRaWAN GPS trackers on the Datacake IoT platform to monitor and track your assets. Compatible with all LoRa Networks. 

First 5 LoRaWAN Devices on Datacake are free

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Tracking and Fleet Management

Create custom dashboards for your LoRa GPS tracking devices and share them with your customers via QR code. Add cross-device dashboards to your workspaces for them to share as well. 

    Device Management
    Track routes
    Real-Time Position Updates
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An Enterprise-Ready IoT Platform

Use Datacake to create multiple workspaces and invite members to collaborate with devices. You can have members or devices in one or more workspaces. You can also send out devices thanks to pin-code claiming capabilities. Then your customer only enters a claim code and doesn't have to face a complicated backend.

    Rights and Roles
    Dynamic API Token Users

Compatible Products

Datacake supports various LoRaWAN GPS Trackers out of the Box.


SenseCAP T1000

Credit card-sized, rechargeable GPS tracker with SOS button and light sensor.


Browan Tabs Industrial

Rugged Industrial GPS Tracking Device. Sends on Motion. Long lifetime.


Digital Matter Oyster3

Battery-operated industrial GPS Tracker with long lifetime and extra options.


RAKwireless WisNode

Personal GPS-Tracking Device with SOS Buttons.

And many more!

Datacakes LoRaWAN Engine makes it compatible with every single LoRaWAN Device out there. If you have a Device that is not yet supported on Datacake it's super easy to add. Let us know and we help.

Data Interfaces

MQTT Broker

Using an internal MQTT broker, you can subscribe to the data of your GPS Asset Trackers in real-time.


Via a GraphQL REST API, all functions of the platform are available to you via an easy-to-use interface.

Multi Connectivity

Use our Third-Party MQTT and Webhook Integration to combine your Asset Trackers with other IoT device communication types.


Works with all LoRaWAN Network Server

Datacake has native integration for all major LoRaWAN Network Servers and can be used with Downlinks on The Things Network, Helium, Loriot and ChirpStack. With more to come.

    The Things Stack V3 / The Things Network
    Kerlink Wanesy

Pricing Options

At Datacake, we understand that different businesses have diverse needs. That's why we offer two flexible pricing options for our customers to choose from - Self Service and Packages.

Pricing Packages

For businesses operating on a larger scale with more than 20 devices, our Packages option is the most cost-effective choice. With Packages, you benefit from volume discounts and have access to a suite of features including White Label, Rules Engine, and much more, all included at no extra cost.

Self-Service (Pay-as-you-Go)

Our Self Service option operates on a pay-as-you-go model. This is ideal for customers who have low volumes, up to 20 devices. With this option, you only pay for the services you use. However, please note that features such as White Label, Rules Engine, etc., are not included in the base price and will be billed separately if you decide to avail of them.

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