Developer-Friendly IoT Platform

Data storage, user management, and many more features via a GraphQL and MQTT API for your IoT apps, cloud systems, and everything else.


Powerful GraphQL API

The main connection to Datacake API is done via GraphQL-API.

    Custom Queries and Mutations
    Bind to your own Domain using White Label
    Authentification via Token
    Dynamic Rights and Roles Management

Create your own Products on Datacake

Datacake IoT Hub

Next to deep LoRaWAN Integration you can connect your IoT Devices using the following Integrations


Connect your brokers and subscribe to any topic. Includes payload decoders and downlinks for your MQTT devices.


Send data to your devices on Datacake via webhook. Payload decoders for HTTP requests are also available here.


Using GraphQL API, write metrics or automate the entire platform as well as the deployment of your devices.

Powerful Backend

Our Backend comes with all the necessary IoT features

Data Storage

Store your IoT Device Data in our Time-Series Database. Create Float, String, or other Data-Fields.

Device Integrations

We support the data ingestion of data using our LoRaWAN Integration or via HTTP Webhook, Third Party MQTT, or

MQTT Broker

We are running our own MQTT Broker that forwards Messages that are stored in our Database. You can subscribe with your Apps to Real-Time Messages on this Broker.

User Management

The Datacake Backend comes with strong feature set for user- and client-management.

Users and Invites

The Backend comes with User-Management Support and Authentication. You don't need to implement this.

Multi-Tenancy Features

Create Workspaces via API that hold Members and Devices.

Rights and Roles

The User-Management has multiple levels of Rights and roles. Define during invitation what the user should be able to do.

Fully Scriptable

You can use the Datacake backend and its user authentication and management features via our REST or GraphQL API for your apps, frontend or other programs. 

Works with IoT Market Leaders

Datacake offers templates for MQTT or Webhook integration for connecting third-party IoT platforms, hardware ecosystems, or cloud management tools. 



Connect the Pycom hardware boards directly via MQTT, Webhook or LoRaWAN. Integrate the company's PyBytes IoT platform via template and webhook forwarding.


Native integration for the ecosystem. Integrate your account and import devices, products and create corresponding applications on Datacake.


Blues Wireless

Device templates and webhook forwarding for the Blues Wireless Notehub platform and associated Notecard Cellular IoT hardware development platform.


Balena Cloud

Use Balena Cloud to orchestrate IoT devices and integrate the Datacake platform via containers and Webhook, MQTT or other formats.