SenseAbility saves 10,000 Liters in Abergavenny using IoT sensors and Datacake

Abergavenny, a small town in Wales, is making big steps towards being more sustainable and smart, with the help of new technology. The company behind this transformation, SenseAbility, is a leader in utilizing new technologies to create smarter towns. This article looks closely at what Abergavenny and SenseAbility have done together. Their project has won awards and saved a remarkable amount of water.

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Who is SenseAbility?

Founded in North Wales by Scott Andrews and Will Valintine, SenseAbility has rapidly emerged as a leader in the IoT sector. The company specializes in deploying a wide range of sensors to collect and analyze data, enabling companies to reduce costs, improve safety, and control a variety of operational aspects. With a focus on environmental monitoring, asset tracking, and customer analytics, SenseAbility customizes solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients.

The Abergavenny Smart Town project

Data-Driven Transformation: From sensor monitoring to award-winning water savings

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The initiative to transform Abergavenny into a sustainable "Smart Town" emerged from a collaboration with the Welsh Government and Monmouthshire County Council. 
Faced with the challenges of a dry summer and ambitious water neutrality goals for 2030, Abergavenny sought SenseAbility’s expertise after receiving town center insight and guidance from Owen Davies Consulting, specialists in planning, regeneration, and local economic development. 
SenseAbility’s solution?
A sophisticated IoT-based smart water control system that not only won the Gold Award for Sustainable Gardening at the Britain in Bloom Awards 2023 but also marked an important step towards water neutrality.

Empowering Everyone: User-friendly data for contractors, volunteers, and the public

The project utilized Dragino LSE01 Soil Moisture Sensors (6) and a Multitech LoRaWAN gateway for data collection, focusing on soil moisture, temperature, and nutrient levels. 
Their data is then visualized on the Datacake platform, offering user-friendly dashboards for contractors and volunteers. Moreover, the public accessibility of these dashboards on Abergavenny Town Council’s website fosters transparency and allows for the scrutiny of the town’s investments in sustainability.


The role of Datacake's White Label in achieving success

The strategic use of Datacake’s white-label package has allowed SenseAbility to offer a bespoke, branded experience to their clients. This customization, combined with the platform's multi-tenancy capabilities, highlights SenseAbility's commitment to delivering user-centric solutions that drive significant value.

Beyond Awards: The Real-World Results of Smart Water Monitoring

The impact of SenseAbility's project in Abergavenny is both significant and multifaceted, here are some results:
● Water savings: By delivering real-time data on plant watering needs, the project saved 10,000 liters of water compared to traditional watering methods. This translates to an average saving of 1,500 liters of water per sensor, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the technology.
 Costs and carbon emission reductions: The savings extend beyond just water; there's also a modest annual saving of £160 in watering charges. Moreover, reducing water consumption contributed to lowering the town's carbon footprint, including a time saving of 2.5 hours in filling and transportation, further reducing carbon emissions.
● Public accessibility and transparency: The decision to make dashboards publicly accessible was a strategic one, emphasizing the value of the investment to Abergavenny's residents. This feature ensured that the presentation of the data was clear and easy to use, for users with no technological background.

Datacake Charts
Datacake Charts

Future directions and enhancements for the project

● Innovations in plant containers: Abergavenny Town Council has upgraded the containers used for planting flowers. This year, the new containers are equipped with reservoirs, allowing for a direct comparison of watering needs with the previous year. This modification is supported by data, enabling evidence-based decisions.
● Strategic Placement of Moisture Sensors: The council is considering the strategic placement of soil moisture sensors in critical locations, such as hanging baskets. By monitoring the moisture levels in select baskets, they can infer the watering needs of others in close proximity. This method prevents the necessity of installing a sensor in each basket, offering a more cost-effective approach to managing the town's floral displays.

Why SenseAbility chose Datacake?

SenseAbility needed a straightforward, reliable platform to support their water-saving project using soil moisture sensors. They chose Datacake for several key reasons:

  • Easy to use:

    Datacake is designed to be accessible for users of all skill levels, making it simple for SenseAbility's team and stakeholders, including those without technical expertise, to understand and use the platform effectively.

  • White-Label Option: 

    One of the primary features SenseAbility valued was our white-label option. This allowed them to customize Datacake with their branding, presenting the platform as their own product to users and clients.

  • Sensor Integration: 

    The ability to easily connect and integrate a variety of sensors was crucial for SenseAbility. Datacake's platform facilitated seamless sensor integration, enabling efficient data collection and analysis for water conservation.

  • Public Dashboards: 

    Critical for displaying water savings and irrigation conditions on the public websites of municipalities, fulfilling SenseAbility's contract requirements to make data accessible to the wider community.

Datacake provided Sensibility with the tools necessary to achieve its goal of saving water, highlighting our platform's adaptability, user-friendliness, and comprehensive integration capabilities.

Smart IoT Solutions, Big Impact

The Abergavenny project is a great example of how using smart technology and careful monitoring can bring big benefits for the environment, save money, and help people. By using IoT technology smartly, the town has shown that even small changes can make a big difference. This story can inspire other towns to try similar approaches to become more sustainable and make life better for their residents. 
Abergavenny's success shows us that with the right ideas and teamwork, making a town smarter and greener is definitely possible.

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