Revolutionizing Safety in Neu-Anspach: m2m Germany's Cutting-Edge Flood Prevention System Powered by Datacake

With years of expertise in communications and radio network planning, m2m Germany has firmly established itself as a leader in the IoT industry. Their journey, marked by a deep understanding of high-availability networks and innovative solutions, has culminated in the development of robust and scalable IoT applications. Central to their pioneering efforts is the flood prevention system. Chosen for its flexibility and wide-ranging applications, LoRaWAN is the cornerstone of their system, perfectly aligning with their dedication to enhancing community safety and promoting environmental sustainability.

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m2m Germany: A Legacy in Communication and Network Planning Paves the Way for Robust IoT Solutions

Founded in 2007, m2m Germany emerged from a need to provide more than just logistics in mobile communications. With the advent of IoT, the company recognized the potential for integrating wireless communication into customer systems, particularly for security forces requiring high availability networks. Their journey into IoT network solutions and embedded business represents a blend of innovation and practicality, addressing real-world issues with cutting-edge technology.

Neu-Anspach's Historical Struggle with Floods 

A Call for Innovative Solutions

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Neu-Anspach, a town in Germany's Taunus region, has long faced the challenge of flooding after heavy rains. This recurring issue, often exacerbated by the region's topography and weather patterns, has historically led to significant property damage, economic loss, and community distress. 

m2m Germany recognised that the solution lay in leveraging advanced technology to transform how the town anticipated and responded to floods. Their approach combined their deep understanding of high-availability networks, essential for ensuring seamless communication during emergencies, with the latest in IoT innovation.

Integrating Vega Sensors with and Datacake for a Cutting-Edge Solution

The m2m Germany's installation involved the strategic placement of distance measuring sensors from the German brand Vega, at key locations, such as canal inlets and within sewer systems. These robust sensors were chosen for their resilience and accuracy in monitoring water levels.'s role in the system is pivotal, as it serves as the LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS), ensuring efficient communication and data flow from the sensors to the application layer. Its integration into Datacake unlocks a realm of possibilities, allowing for comprehensive real-time monitoring, data analysis, and swift response mechanisms. The synergy of these technologies creates a robust, reliable, and cutting-edge solution for flood management.
This setup allows for early detection of rising water levels, triggering alarms for prompt emergency response. The implementation also includes monitoring rainwater overflow basins in streets, which are critical during heavy rains. This comprehensive installation effectively addresses the town's flood risks, ensuring timely alerts and actions to prevent flooding.


Implementation Process on Datacake and Overcoming Challenges

The implementation of the system was a meticulous process, that involved the strategical installation of the Vega sensors in different locations, its integration with the LNS for robust data transmission and the implementation of the application layer using Datacake.

The selection of Datacake as the central platform was influenced by its user-friendly interface and advanced data analysis capabilities. In the words of Michael Nicolai, former CEO of m2m Germany: “It's all about high availability and transparency. Datacake offers all of this. Datacake is also very intuitive and easy to use for us and our customers. The simpler you make a solution, the greater the acceptance for the customer."

One of the primary challenges faced during the implementation was ensuring the system’s reliability and adaptability. When rains are strong, water levels may rise very rapidly. This challenge was addressed through the careful calibration of sensors and optimisation of data flow, with transmission intervals that adapt based on changing water levels over time.


"The simpler you make a solution, the greater the acceptance for the customer”

Michael Nikolai, former CEO of m2m Germany

Alarming system powered by Datacakes new IoT Rule Engine

A standout feature of Datacake, and a key to the project was its Rule Engine. This feature enabled the customization of alerts and notifications, which was crucial for timely responses to potential flood situations. Setting specific parameters for these alerts allowed for a tailored response to different levels of flood risks.

Datacake Charts
Datacake Charts

Dashboards for Easy IoT Data Visualisation

Another indispensable aspect of the solution was Datacake’s real-time visualization capabilities granted by its dashboarding features. These features provided an intuitive and immediate understanding of the situation on the ground, allowing for swift decision-making and action. 

Cutting Costs and Elevating Safety with IoT

How m2m’s Innovative Flood Prevention System Transforms Economic and Environmental Consequences

The flood prevention system has yielded several significant positive outcomes and results, such as minimising costs in the following ways

  • Direct Damage Costs

    Floods can cause significant damage to infrastructure, homes, and businesses. The cost of repairing or replacing buildings, roads, bridges, and utilities can be immense. 

  • Economic Disruptions

    Flooding disrupts local economies, affecting businesses and employment. Effective flood prevention can minimize these economic disruptions, preserving local economies and saving potentially substantial indirect costs.

  • Insurance and Recovery Costs

    The cost of insurance claims in flood-hit areas can be very high. Flood prevention systems can reduce the frequency and severity of claims, thereby potentially lowering insurance premiums.

  • Environmental and Health Costs

    Floods can cause environmental damage and public health issues, leading to additional costs for cleanup and healthcare. 

  • Long-Term Savings

    Investing in flood prevention infrastructure can be more cost-effective in the long run compared to repeatedly spending on repairs after each flood event.

The system enables authorities with early warning capabilities and improved emergency response, empowered by Datacake’s Rule Engine. Also with data-driven decision making, since authorities can analyse trends and patterns over time, helping in the planning and implementation of long-term flood prevention strategies. And it all offers a long-term, cost-effective monitoring solution: The durability and low maintenance needs of the system ensure that the solution is up and running for several years. 

Harnessing Decades of Experience, m2m Germany Revolutionises Stable IoT Flood Management Solutions

m2m Germany's journey from a mobile communications provider to a pioneer in IoT-based solutions, such as their flood prevention system exemplifies innovation driven by practical needs. Their solutions stand as a testament to the power of IoT in transforming community safety and setting new standards in environmental monitoring. As the company looks to the future, its role in shaping smart, safe, and sustainable communities continues to grow, marking a new era in all kinds of IoT applications.

The Future

The solution's success in Neu-Anspach is just the beginning. With discussions underway with various ministries, m2m Germany is set to expand this solution, scaling its benefits to a broader audience.

As this partnership continues to evolve, it holds the promise of not only advancing m2m's capabilities but also redefining what's possible in IoT applications. At Datacake, we are committed to empowering your projects with our intuitive and versatile platform, ensuring that your vision for smarter, safer, and more sustainable solutions becomes a reality.

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