IoT Rule Engine

The Datacake Rule Engine enables you to create custom rules for your IoT deployments, receive notifications via SMS or email when thresholds are exceeded, and control third-party systems through webhooks. 
With just one rule, you can monitor up to 1000 devices, including online and offline statuses, and define time windows for triggering downlinks, ensuring efficient and resource-saving operation.

    Custom alert triggers

    Time-based scheduler for sending downlinks

    Single Rule for monitoring 1000s of devices

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New Editor

Discover the enhanced Rule Engine, now featuring a cutting-edge editor with autocompletion for device variables. This intuitive upgrade simplifies the process of crafting custom messages, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for managing your sensor network.

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Condition Builder

Introducing the new Condition Builder, an innovative feature of our Rule Engine designed to streamline the process of creating complex conditions for your sensor network. With an intuitive interface and user-friendly tools, you can effortlessly construct custom conditions, enabling precise monitoring and management of your devices. The Condition Builder empowers you to harness the full potential of your sensor data, ensuring optimal performance and seamless control.

Dynamic Triggers for Enhanced Monitoring

New Measurements

The rule executes and evaluates every time a new measurement is received by any device within the linked product.

Online/Offline Status

The rule activates and evaluates when the Online-Status of any device in the linked product changes.

Time-based Scheduler

Execute and evaluate rules on a time-based schedule, including custom cronjob options for maximum flexibility.


Timerange Operations

The rule engine support various timerange operations to fetch data from the database of the triggering device.

    Current value
    Maximum, minimum, average with custom timerange
    Change absolute, percentage with custom timeranges
    Sum and count of messages over custom timerange

Operations and Conditions

You can use the following operations to define how you want to compare values with each other.

    Larger, Smaller, Equal
    Inside or outside a given range

Comparison of Values

The following comparisons are available:

    Static number values
    Database field of triggering device
    Configuration field of triggering device
    Database or configuration field of foreign device


The following actions are supported.

    Send SMS and E-Mail
    Call custom webhooks
    Send and trigger downlinks

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