Intelligent solutions for counting people

Inner cities have an increasingly serious problem. Retailers are disappearing, pubs are becoming vacant and what is on offer for passers-by and tourists is declining. A vicious circle.


The Story

City managers agree that alternative concepts are needed to turn the tide in the negative development of city centers. However, successful planning and implementation of these measures requires well-founded figures on the current situation and continuous monitoring to be able to confirm the success of the measures on the basis of well-founded figures.

Classical counting methods only provide random samples here and do not reflect the real situation. A digital people counter is the solution.

Brings the following insights


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Easy Installation

The people counter is installed at a desired position in the outdoor area. 

The measurement data is transmitted via a LoRaWAN network to a central gateway (included). 

    Smallest dimension of only 90x90x40mm
    LoRaWAN radio technology with high range
    Suitable for outdoor use
    Requires 230V power supply (via power supply unit)

This is how it works

No cameras. No personal data. The use of the people counter is safe.


Das Zählen von Smartphones ist Grundlage

The fact that nowadays almost every passerby carries a smartphone, and these continuously send out information, is used by the counter to determine the number of smartphones in the vicinity at regular intervals.


Make data unrecognizable and transfer to gateway

On the meter, the data is converted into anonymous numbers and it is ensured that no personal data is stored. The result of the measurement is then transmitted to a central server every five minutes.


Real-time evaluation on the Datacake IoT platform

With the help of the Datacake platform, the measurement data is visualized in real-time on a Dashboard accordingly. Various views are available. Trends can be derived from the long-term data storage and also visually displayed.

Modern IoT Platform

The measurement results of the meters are merged on the Datacake platform and can be visualized individually according to your wishes.

    Shows real-time values of the pedestrian frequency
    Historical data storage
    Trend analyses and graphical evaluations
    Individual Dashboards

Even more Functions


Have employees or yourself notified of peaks or deviations.

Data Export

Export the data directly as Excel or CSV file.


Invite collaborators or others to work with you.


Create individual and optionally publicly accessible views for your measurement data.


People Counter Starter Kit

With the out-of-the-box starter kit, you get everything you need for digital pedestrian frequency counting.

950,-€(Exkl. MwSt.)

The kit comes with Datacake LoRaWAN Gateway, which you mount in a suitable place and which is also suitable as a base for further digital projects.

    1x Datacake LoRaWAN Gateway
    2x Datacake People Counter
    Plug and Play

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