Improve Indoor Air Quality with our IoT CO2 Monitoring Solution

Introducing our CO2 Air Quality Bundle: the perfect solution for monitoring and improving the air quality in your office, school, or home. With this bundle, you'll receive a Zenner CO2 sensor, Actility gateway and LoRaWAN Network Server, and access to the Datacake IoT platform, giving you the tools you need to measure and track CO2 levels in your space.


About the Bundle


The Zenner CO2 sensor is designed to measure and report carbon dioxide levels in the air accurately. It's easy to install and can be placed in any room or space where you want to monitor air quality. The sensor can be connected to the gateway, allowing you to access the data and monitor CO2 levels in real time quickly.
The Datacake IoT platform gives you access to all of the data collected by the CO2 sensor, as well as the ability to set up alerts and notifications when CO2 levels reach a certain threshold. This can be especially useful in spaces where people spend a lot of time, such as offices and schools, as high levels of CO2 can lead to fatigue, headaches, and other health issues.
With our CO2 Air Quality Bundle, you'll have everything you need to keep your space healthy and safe. Order yours today and take the first step towards improving the air quality in your home or business.

*The sale of the bundle is handled by our partner Actility. You can find all details on their webpage.


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    Actility is a provider of LoRaWAN Connectivity Solutions and offer complete starter kits in addition to their software.

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    Zenner is a manufacturer of LoRaWAN hardware as well as software and offers the CO2 sensor product in this bundle. 


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With the help of our real-time dashboards, you can see the measurement data of the CO2 Starter Package directly on an interactive web view.

    All important measured values at a glance
    Interactive dashboards with real-time updating
    Floor Plan View
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Plug and Play

Everything you need to operate the CO2 monitoring solution is already included in the kit. This is also your entry into the world of IoT, because in addition to the CO2 Bundle, other sensors can also be networked via Actility or Datacake.

    No Programming Required
    Out-of-the-Box Solution
    Comes with Gateway, LoRaWAN Server, Sensor, App
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Floorplans and Maps

Thanks to our versatile dashboard tools, you can upload floor plans of your buildings and place the sensors in the appropriate place on the plan, so that you have a graphical overview of all rooms.

    Upload your own plans
    Place multiple sensors
    Share views with collaborators
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Reports and Logging

Datacake's reporting engine allows you to easily create automatic data exports and send them by email to any recipient. With this feature, you'll be able to automatically and effortlessly export data from your CO2 at regular intervals, without having any programming knowledge.

    CSV-File Export and REST API
    Send via E-Mail to Members, Clients
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Alerts and Notifications

If a value is out of line, you can be informed via SMS or e-mail and optionally even control a light via Donwlink as an indicator.

    Custom thresholds, limits
    Individual Alerting Levels
    Send SMS to receipients
    Send commands to actuators, lights
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Public Dashboards

With the ability to share a view of an individual CO2 sensor or a fleet view via a link, people who want to view the measurement data can do so without registering on the Datacake platform. This feature is useful, for example, to display CO2 levels in a building on a large public screen and inform employees in real time.

    Share Dashboards via Link
    Create custom QR-Codes on Datacake
    Embed on large screen or webpage

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