Comes with Ready to use Cloud
    LTE Connectivity

The All-in-One Solution for Industrial IoT

The Datacake Industrial IoT Gateway lets you easily connect up to 20 I/Os to the Datacake Monitoring Platform.
No Programming required. No Internet Connection needed.


21 I/Os




Cellular LTE

The fastest, easiest, and cost-optimized solution for IIoT

How you benefit from using the Datacake Industrial IoT Gateway:

    No complicated setup
    No special skills or trained staff required
    No active Internet Infrastructure required
    No hardware programming required
    No WiFi oder Ethernet Infrastructure required

❌ Without Datacake:

Everything is manual and time-consuming and requires skilled personnel: Industrial Sensors are usually processed by PLCs, which are mostly not prepared for Internet communication, and a gateway is required. For communication with the outside world, it requires programming, SIM card, and configuration. This needs skilled staff, and the individual costs add up to a high total price. 

✅ With Datacake:

You don’t have to worry about anything: Simply connect your 4-20mA, PT100 sensors, and digital switching signals to the terminal connectors of the Datacake Gateway and power it up. Within minutes the gateway is connected to the Datacake platform. The inputs and outputs can be configured via a simple web interface. No special skills or staff required. After a few more minutes, the data of your machine is available in real-time on a dashboard.

Installed in 10 minutes

Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. It is the streamlined result of two decades of website design and marketing for hundreds of clients.


Connect Sensors and a Power Supply



Register on Datacake and Set Configuration



See Live-Values on Dashboard and App


Connect up to 21 I/Os

Connect a variety of different industrial sensors to the gateway. For uncomplicated installation, the supply voltage for sensors can be obtained directly from the gateway. This saves enormous wiring effort.

    6x Analog 4-20mA Inputs
    8x Digital Inputs with 2 kHz edge counting
    4x Digital Outputs
    3x PT100 Temperature Inputs
    +24V DC Power Input
    Industrial DIN-Rail compatible Module

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

Every connected signal is checked for changes on the gateway and immediately transmitted to the platform. On the platform, the data is displayed in real-time on freely designable dashboards. Using a rule engine you can define rules to control the devices or send warnings via SMS and e-mail.

    Create individual Dashboards
    See Values in Real-Time
    Send Alerts and Notifications via SMS and E-Mail

Historical Data and Export

All measured values are recorded loss-free in our database over a period of 1 year. An integrated viewer on the portal provides the measurement data visually. This data can be extracted via REST-API or via Excel-File export directly from within the portal and by simply clicking on a button.

    Integrated visual database viewer
    High-Resolution and Lossless Data Storage
    Excel- or CSV-File export
    Custom Time-Ranges

Comes with cellular Internet

Forget the times when you have to ask your customers for WiFi access. The gateway comes with a cellular modem and an embedded SIM card ready to use.

    LTE CAT1 Connection with 3G and 2G Fallback
    Includes embedded SIM by Vodafone
    Bi-Directional Communication

White Label / OEM

Connect a Custom Domain and set your own Branding everywhere.

    Your own Domain
    Your Logo and E-Mail Branding
    Unlimited Users
    Unlimited Tenants

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Get your Gateway

The Datacake Industrial IoT Gateway is ready to start immediately.

Included in the purchase price is the fee for 1-year cloud and cellular. After the first year, 96€ per year or 10€ per month is payable as a fee. 

399,- €(excl. VAT - incl. 1 Year free cloud + cellular)

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