IoT Asset Tracking and Fleet Management

Use modern online maps and display the positions of your assets (such as sensors, machines, or other things) using real-time reporting.


Real-Time Tracking and Historical Routes

View and track the position of your assets in real-time on a modern GPS map.

Our Maps update automatically and always show the current position. Measured values are continuously stored in our database over a long period of time and can be retrieved at any time. On the map, you can see the covered route of your moving assets. Use an easy-to-use slider to look into the past.


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Interactive Map

Clicking on the object in the map opens a sidebar, which very quickly provides you with the necessary detailed information about the device. The dashboard, which is displayed on the sidebar, can be designed freely.

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Share publicly

Thanks to the sharing function of our global dashboards, maps can also be shared publicly. Interested parties can then open the map via a link and do not need to register in advance. Functions such as the detailed view of an asset are available on the public version.

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Easy Configuration

The settings for the map display take place conveniently via the web interface of the portal. No knowledge of programming is required.


Compatible with IoT Market leaders

Whether LoRaWAN, SigFox, MQTT or other IoT ecosystems. Representations of GPS positions on maps and tracking of historical positions is available for all device types supported by Datacake.

Compatible IoT Hardware Systems

Illustration Tracker One

Ready to go LTE CAT M1 or global LTE GPS asset tracker module with IP67 case and optional DIN M8 connector for CAN-Bus or other third party hardware accessories.


Blues Wireless Notecard

NB-IoT and LTE CAT M1 Cellular Module with included GPS and SIM card that comes with 500 Megabytes of data.

Also works with LoRaWAN

All our tracking features also do work with LoRaWAN Networks and devices.

Datacake IoT Hub

Next to deep LoRaWAN Integration you can connect your IoT Devices using the following Integrations


Connect your brokers and subscribe to any topic. Includes payload decoders and downlinks for your MQTT devices.


Send data to your devices on Datacake via webhook. Payload decoders for HTTP requests are also available here.


Using GraphQL API, write metrics or automate the entire platform as well as the deployment of your devices.

User Management

The Datacake Backend comes with strong feature set for user- and client-management.

Users and Invites

The Backend comes with User-Management Support and Authentication. You don't need to implement this.

Multi-Tenancy Features

Create Workspaces via API that hold Members and Devices.

Rights and Roles

The User-Management has multiple levels of Rights and roles. Define during invitation what the user should be able to do.

Fully Scriptable

You can use the Datacake backend and its user authentication and management features via our REST or GraphQL API for your apps, frontend or other programs. 

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