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Dragino LHT65

Ready-to-use dashboards for Web and Smartphone, SMS and E-Mail alerts, and more for your Dragino LHT65 LoRaWAN temperature and humidity sensor devices.

Your first 2 devices will always be free!


Dragino LHT65

LoRaWAN Temperature + Humidity Sensor that runs on Battery and has external Probe for Monitoring Fluids, Water, Pools, etc.

€30(excl. VAT, plus shipping)


Runs on Battery

Up to 8 Years Battery life.

External Probe

External Temperature water-resistant Probe with 1 Meter Cable for monitoring Fluids, etc.

High Accuracy

The sensor does not emit heat that would negatively impact accuracy otherwise.

Powerful Alerting

Rule-based alarms allow you to set up conditions for monitoring temperature and humidity.

    How long must a measured value be exceeded?
    Define threshold values
    Send SMS and E-Mail Alerts to your Employees

Ready in 2 Minutes

This video shows you how you set up your LHT65 in just under 2 minutes.

Works with every LoRaWAN Network Server








Kerlink Wanesy



White Label

Do you want to use your own domain? No problem. With the White Label package, you can customize the Datacake portal to your own identity. For your customers it will look like the portal is your own.

    Your own custom Domain
    Your own Logo everywhere
    Remove Datacake-Branding completely

Gateway Monitoring

Datacake monitors your LoRaWAN gateway. Add it to your workspace and be informed immediately in case of failure.

    SMS and E-Mail when your Gateway is down
    Set multiple Alert Levels
    Assign Members or Non-Members as Recipients

Works with many other Dragino Products

Datacake has Templates for many other devices.





Your Device is not on the List?

No worries. We can create a Template. Just reach out to us and we are ready to help you.

The platform for your business


Invite Members. Set Rights and Permissions.


Create Spaces for your Customers or Projects.

CSV, Excel Export

Export Data to Excel or CSV by the click of a button.

Open API

Readout Data using Rest API or with GraphQL Queries

Use Cases

Heading photo

Dragino LHT65 + LG308 in the Wood Industry

At one of our customers, we installed 10x LHT65 plus 3x Dragino LG308 to monitor the production processes for temperature changes. The gateways are connected to the Internet via the mobile phone network. Here we use SIM cards from the company 1NCE.

These companies already have their Tenants on Datacake

Guttroff Logo
Everwand Logo
Gastech Logo
Dampfkessel Logo
Alpha Omega Technology Logo
Alpha Omega Technology Logo
Alpha Omega Technology Logo
Alpha Omega Technology Logo
Alpha Omega Technology Logo
Alpha Omega Technology Logo
Alpha Omega Technology Logo

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