Datacake Partners with Calchip Connect to Speed Up IoT Projects in North America and LATAM

Datacake Partners with Calchip Connect to Speed Up IoT Projects in North America and LATAM

Datacake and Calchip Connect are pleased to announce their new partnership aimed at speeding up IoT projects in North America and LATAM. Datacake is a leader in creating easy-to-use IoT platforms, and Calchip Connect is a major supplier of hardware in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. This collaboration is a big step in making IoT projects quicker and easier for customers in these areas.

With this partnership, Datacake's user-friendly IoT platform is combined with Calchip Connect's high-quality hardware. This allows companies of all sizes to start their IoT projects quickly using devices that are easy to set up and use right away. One of the main features of this partnership is that customers can connect gateways directly to Datacake without needing any extra development. They can simply buy a gateway, attach a sensor, and link it all to Datacake for an instant start. This approach makes deploying IoT solutions faster and helps businesses easily use smart technology.

"Our partnership with Calchip Connect opens up a wealth of possibilities for our customers in North America and Latin America," said Simon Kemper, CEO of Datacake. "The capabilities of the Datacake platform and our new LNS complement Calchip’s robust hardware solutions, making it even easier for users to kickstart their IoT projects with efficiency and confidence."

"We are very excited by the partnership with Datacake", said Jason Giuliano, CEO of CalChip Connect.  "This will provide the industry with a much-needed full stack solution that is easy to deploy at a very competitive price. At CalChip Connect we continue to strive to move the IoT industry forward and bring mass adoption to this needed technology in every industry niche that can greatly benefit from this cutting-edge technology."

For customers, this partnership means simpler IoT development and deployment, better network performance, and easier device management. It reduces the time it takes to start projects and makes it easier for businesses to connect devices directly to Datacake without any programming. This sets a new standard in the IoT industry and includes ready-to-use products like:

  1. Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway
  2. Temperature/Humidity Sensor Start-up Kit
  3. Door/Window & Motion Detection Sensor Start-up Kit
  4. Object Locator Start-up Kit
  5. Water Leak Detection Start-up Kit

This partnership shows both companies' commitment to driving innovation and improving IoT solution management.

For more details, check out Calchip Connect's Datacake page.