Pioneering Sustainable Solutions: How CLASP and EED Advisory are transforming energy monitoring with the help of Datacake.

In an era where sustainable energy solutions are not just desired but essential, the collaboration between CLASP and EED Advisory was not just about developing a solution; it was about creating a model for the future, leveraging technology to make sustainable energy access a tangible reality.
This project was aimed at addressing two critical challenges in the energy sector, especially in regions with off-grid and weak-grid conditions: ensuring access to efficient appliances and bridging the gap between laboratory efficiency and real-world performance.


Foundations for a Greener Future

The Origins and Industry Impact of CLASP and EED Advisory

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In 1999, CLASP was established as a non-profit organization dedicated to the global impact of energy-efficient appliances, targeting markets with high potential for energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction. Their operations span across diverse regions in Africa and Asia, addressing critical challenges in energy efficiency and access to clean energy.
EED Advisory, established in 2010, carved its niche in the African market, advising on energy, water, and climate change. Their services range from research to project management, all aimed at fostering sustainable development.
In 2020, a synergistic partnership started between CLASP and EED Advisory, focusing on amplifying sustainable energy solutions in Africa.

Bridging the gap: Laboratory to Real Life

CLASP, together with EED Advisory’s main goal is to enhance energy access and sustainability, but they were confronted with a big challenge: ensuring the availability of basic, efficient appliances in regions plagued by off-grid and weak-grid conditions. The biggest issue lays in the disparity between laboratory test results and the actual performance in real-life scenarios. This discrepancy posed significant obstacles in guaranteeing the efficiency and effectiveness of essential appliances like fridges, electric pressure cookers, and electric bikes when they were needed most—in the daily lives of people.

Paving the Way with IoT Innovation

Acknowledging this challenge, EED Advisory came up with an innovative approach. By harnessing the power of IoT technology, they started to gather and analyse real-world data on appliances performances. This involved equipping them with LoRaWAN or GSM-enabled remote monitors, capable of transmitting detailed performance metrics to a central server.
 The data collected included metrics like ambient and internal temperature, frequency of appliance usage (e.g. how often a fridge is opened), and energy performance (power consumption, temperature maintenance during power outages, etc). Datacake served as a central platform to gather and coordinate all the data produced by these different devices. This setup allowed for comprehensive monitoring and analysis of each appliance's performance in the field.
This initiative wasn't just about tracking; it was about understanding how devices truly operate in the environments they're meant to serve, providing a foundation for a solution that resonates with the reality of users' experiences.

Empowering Insights: Revolutionising Energy Monitoring with Datacake

Datacake was pivotal in this solution, acting as a central platform that aggregated data from the diverse appliances. Its selection was influenced by its ability to streamline data from varied sources, a user-friendly interface, and dynamic dashboarding capabilities.
Despite challenges like managing high data volumes and ensuring data consistency, Datacake’s customizable features and responsive support helped overcome these hurdles, proving its indispensable value.

Dynamic dashboarding tools

The ability to visualize data in real-time and manage devices remotely was important. Datacake's tools to present data not just as numbers but as actionable insights allowed EED Advisory and CLASP to make informed decisions, adapting strategies in real-time to enhance efficiency.

A centralized platform for diverse appliances

EED Advisory valued Datacake's role as a 'middle ground'—a centralized platform for aggregating data from a wide array of appliances. This capability ensured compatibility across different devices, addressing one of the project's core requirements: the need to gather and analyse data from diverse sources to improve energy access and sustainability.

Members section and permissions management

Particularly the ability to share dashboards directly via public links, streamlined communication between CLASP, EED Advisory, and other stakeholders. This facilitated a more integrated approach to project management and decision-making, enabling stakeholders to access tailored insights and engage in efficient data management.


Transforming the Energy Landscape: The Positive Outcomes of EED Advisory and CLASP’s Project

The collaboration between CLASP, EED Advisory, and Datacake has not only set a new benchmark in energy monitoring but has also catalysed transformative impacts across the board:

● Enhanced efficiency of energy usage and performance of essential appliances in off-grid areas: This technological leap forward has provided a clearer, more immediate understanding of appliance behavior, leading to more targeted and effective interventions.
● Streamlining Decision-Making Processes: The gathered data has not only sped up the response times to emerging issues but also enhanced the strategic planning and implementation phases of EED Advisory and CLASP’s projects.
 On time Online/Offline notifications have been pivotal in identifying and resolving appliance issues with unprecedented speed. This has drastically reduced appliance downtime and boosted overall reliability, demonstrating the profound benefits of proactive monitoring.
● One of the most significant outcomes of this initiative has been the promotion of greater collaboration among all stakeholders involved. By ensuring easy access to the data, the project has bridged gaps between different parties, transcending geographical boundaries.

Empowering Policy and Planning

The insights gained from this project have the potential to influence policy-making and strategic planning significantly. The detailed, real-time data provided by this collaboration offers governments and organizations a unique lens through which to view energy consumption patterns and appliance performance. This information is invaluable for developing more informed, effective energy policies and planning for future energy needs with greater accuracy.

A Model for the Future

In conclusion, the collaboration between CLASP, EED Advisory, and Datacake represents more than just a successful project. It embodies a forward-thinking approach to tackling global energy challenges, serving as a model for the future in the sector. The project's achievements in enhancing appliances efficiency, enabling better decision-making and fostering collaboration set a precedent for how technology can be harnessed to make a tangible difference in the world.

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