RisingHF RHF1S001 Temperature and Humidity LoRaWAN Sensor

RisingHF RHF1S001 Temperature and Humidity LoRaWAN Sensor

We released a template for the RisingHF RHF1S001 LoRaWAN sensors on the Datacake IoT platform a few days ago.

You can now easily create such a device on Datacake. A dashboard is immediately available and shows the most important parameters of the sensor in real time.

Rules and Alerting

With our rules engine, you can create alerts for specific conditions of the sensor, such as an open window, water leak, or temperature fluctuation.

SMS or email

When an alarm occurs, you will be notified via SMS or email. Optionally, you can invite other people to your account on the Datacake platform so they can also see the sensor readings.

In order for you to notify a person, all you need is a cell phone number or an email address. No registration is required.


You can easily share the dashboard for your Elsys EMS sensors via code thanks to a QR code feature.

First 2 Devices are Free

Signups on the Datacake platform are free and include the creation of two devices. So you don't need to pay anything to try out your sensors.