Public Links for Device Dashboards

Public Links for Device Dashboards

With the Datacake platform, share the dashboard of your devices, sensors or machines publicly via link. Set access rights for this link and optionally assign a password.

And to make it even easier for you to work with these links, you can directly download a QR code of the link from the platform. If you have a white label package, this QR code will carry your branding.

Read all about this new feature in this blog post.


Sharing dashboards via link was already part of the Datacake platform. But this feature was clumsy and always required the previous (and most importantly, manual) creation of a global dashboard.

This was less of a problem for multi-device dashboards, but if you only wanted to quickly provide the dashboard of a single device, it was very painful until now.

But as a lot of customers told us about doing exactly that with the platform, i.e. sharing a single device dashboard, we thought we'd bring a native feature here that would make working with the platform much easier.

The result is a feature that allows you to share a single device's dashboard as a URL. Coupled with features such as password protection and QR code download, we've managed to implement it perfectly.

Read more about the respective functions in the following overview.

Sharing a Device Dashboard

Whether you are creating a LoRaWAN, API (HTTP, MQTT) or device via template or as a new product, the dashboard editor allows you to share on any Datacake device its dashboard as a link with the click of a button.

When the edit mode of a dashboard is active, you will see the "Public Link" button. One click further opens the settings dialog and you can share the dashboard with a final click.

Datacake Public Link of Device Dashboard Settings

Datacake Public Link of Device Dashboard Settings

Setting a Password

As feedback on the global dashboards, we have heard from our customers that they would like a password feature for public dashboards. We have implemented this as a feature on the device dashboards.

Password Input of Public Dashboard

Password Input of Public Dashboard

Optionally, you can set an individual password via the share settings. If the link is then accessed, the viewer will be prompted for the password.

Read and write access

In contrast to the global dashboards, which only offer read access, the public device dashboards have the function of selecting optional read and write access.

Set Access and Permission Mode on Public Device Dashboards

Set Access and Permission Mode on Public Device Dashboards

Thus, knobs, switches, and other dashboard widgets that set measurement values can also be used on a public device dashboard.

Calling Downlinks (Coming Soon)

The above write access also enables the use of downlink triggers on a dashboard. Buttons that trigger a downlink can thus also be triggered on public dashboards.

This function is not yet supported in the form of a button in the first release, but if a trigger on a field is active in the downlink, which is then activated by a slider or switch, then this downlink is also triggered.

Download the link as QR code

If a Device Dashboard is shared, a QR code of the link can be downloaded directly from the settings dialog.

Download QR-Code for Datacake Device Dashboard

Download QR-Code for Datacake Device Dashboard

White Label Branding

If you are the owner of the White Label package and have added your own branding, then the automatically created QR code will carry the fav icon that you have stored in the settings of your White Label site.

White Label Branding on QR-Code

White Label Branding on QR-Code

So you can load the QR code directly from the platform and print it as a sticker or insert it into another document.

Versatile application areas

Sharing a device dashboard via link opens up completely new areas of application. We now present three of these areas.

HMI / User Interface for a Device or Machine

Create an interface for the respective device using the Dashboard Editor and use the QR code function to add an interface for a smartphone to a machine that is linked to this device.

If you attach this QR code to your machine, Use can view current status data, measured values, and also control or make settings on the respective machine (or other object, which is assigned to the QR code).

With the optional password function, the interface can be secured so that only authorized persons have access to the public dashboard.

Quickly Access many Sensors

The original motivation for developing this function was Datacake customers who install large numbers of different LoRaWAN sensors in public buildings or schools, which then record the CO2 concentration or other parameters in rooms there.

One requirement was that people on site get access to the readings, but in such a way that no registration on the Datacake platform is required by this person himself.

With the new QR code feature, dashboards can now be shared automatically. The annoying manual creation of global dashboards is no longer necessary.

Infopage for LoRaWAN Sensors in the Public

Similar to the quick access to measured values, the same function can also be used to make sensors in the public area accessible to interested persons.

This was already possible in advance with the release of the Global Dashboards, however, it has become even more convenient with the automated release via QR code, especially if there are many sensors.

Available Now!

With the release of this blog post, this feature is already fully available on the Datacake platform.

Creating a public device dashboard is very easy. In the live editor of the platform you will find a button to share the dashboard. Here you can make all further settings, download the QR code directly and optionally assign a password or remove the release again.

You can find all further information on this in our documentation at the following link.

Try out the function yourself. If you already have devices on Datacake, then you can share the device dashboard right away. If you don't have an account on the Datacake platform yet, then start now for free. Your first two devices are free and fully functional.