Dragino LHT65N

The LHT65 by Dragino represents a significant leap in environmental monitoring, leveraging the power of LoRaWAN technology. This device is designed to offer precise temperature and humidity readings, suitable for a wide range of applications.




● Utilizes LoRa (Long Range) technology, ensuring wide coverage and efficient power usage.● Ideal for remote or difficult-to-access locations due to its long-range capabilities.

Sensor Features

● Equipped with a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, providing real-time environmental data.● Includes an external sensor connector, allowing for the attachment of an additional external temperature sensor for more versatile measurements.


● The LHT65 is well-suited for various scenarios such as agriculture, industrial monitoring, and smart buildings.● Its ability to monitor temperature and humidity can be crucial in maintaining optimal conditions in sensitive environments like greenhouses or data centers.


● Offers low power consumption, making it sustainable for long-term deployment.● The long-range connectivity minimizes the need for additional infrastructure, reducing setup costs.